Jim Skelton

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A few years ago Past President Jim Skelton did a very special favor for a very special friend and in return his friend Dr Pratt Johnson an ophthalmologist, indicated that he would like to donate $1000 Can to the Rotary Club of Richmond. In return for that very touching gesture, PP Jim decided to add the necessary US exchange, donate the money to the Rotary Foundation and present a Paul Harris Award to Dr Johnson, which he was thoroughly surprised to receive.


Dr Johnson, now 75 years old and a resident of Point Grey, still travels the world performing eye operations in countries where his expertise is needed and very much appreciated.


Since PP Jim had long ago been in the habit of dropping off his dear friend at the airport during the latter's sojourns, it was decided, ever since the Rotary Foundation donation, that the 'Taxi Fare' the good doctor saved through Jim's volunteering spirit, would be accumulated over a period of time and donated towards the Rotary Foundation.


Unfortunately, too much tennis and training over the years has deprived PP Jim of much needed sleep, a commodity for which he now attempts to make up, by getting up at the crack of noon rather than at 5.00 a.m. as would be required of him in order for his friend to catch the usual early morning flights.


Nevertheless, the good Lord has been kind to us, and every once in a while when Dr Johnson has to take an early afternoon flight, PP Jim is able to fulfill his obligations to help keep the Foundation coffers topped up.


Today Jim presented Pres. Barb with one of his fast becoming rare cheques, which nevertheless is still always very much appreciated by its ultimate beneficiaries.


And that Fellow Rotarians is the history of "THE ROTARY TAXI". Thank you Jim and Pratt.