Push-Ups, Push-Ups, Push-ups and more Push-Ups was the theme for our social night and dinner Nov 20, 2015.  Our pre-dinner entertainment was a push-up challenge between 4 Rotarians.  The champion, Antonio, achieved 98 push-ups in 90 seconds....an epic machine-like performance for our fundraiser during Foundation Month. 
We raised $7,000 from the push-up challenge, $3,500 goes towards our club for community needs and $3,500 to Polio Plus which will be matched 2 to 1 by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and also matched 2 to 1 by the Government of Canada, that means total of $17,500 towards Polio Eradication. A portion of the community need has already been promised towards a Vein Viewer device for Richmond Hospital in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset.
Many thanks to the participants, Dean, Chris and Antonio for their training for push-up night and for motivating all our friends and relatives to pitch in many generous dollars to our fundraiser.  Those of us who did the push-ups are grateful to all those who sponsored us with their pledges.