PP Milton Vint
Dec 17, 1936 - Feb 3, 2003

Milton Vint joined the Rotary Club of Richmond in 1976 while working with Uniglobe Travel.
From the very onset both Milt and his family involved them-selves in all facets of Rotary especially in those programs, which centred around the youths and in particular, with the International Youth Student Exchange Program.
This particular avenue brought their children into close contact with youths of other countries especially though reciprocal home hosting, and this alliance subsequently encouraged them to become more involved with some of the other youth programs such as Rotaract, which had some very happy end results for at least one of them.
Milt himself was always very active within the internal organization and running of the Club serving on many committees and directorships and eventually seeing himself elected as President from 1984-1985 following which he was made the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship, Rotary International's highest award for "Service above Self".
His greatest Community project, which he spearheaded during his term of office, was the presentation of a 'Relief Bus' to the Richmond Fire Department for use as a 'refreshment energizer' for the firefighters when attending to a fire.
Milt subsequently joined the Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club soon after it was sponsored by his own Club, no doubt giving the fledgling club the benefit of his Rotary experience and which better suited his working hours which soon necessitated restructuring as his health slowly began to fail him and eventually he was forced to give up one of his best loved extracurricular and community activities.
Through Rotary, Milt indirectly touched many lives and those within and without the organization will be forever grateful to him for the contribution he made toward helping to make this world a better place for all of us.
Milt was married to Babs for 40 years and together they had 3 sons, Rod (Terri-Lynn- who met when they were both members of Rotaract), Graeme and Bruce and two grandchildren Zakari and Aidan who was born in Toronto, 7 hours after Milt's passing on February 4, 2003.
by PP Wilbur Walrond