This book is for those who have joined in the fellowship of Rotary by being club members or friends of the Rotary Club of Richmond. We thank those who accepted the responsibility of Rotary by contributing their time, effort, energies and resources to help and support their community.
In assembling the pictures, stories and captions throughout this book, we experienced all over again, the time spent with friends, the laughter at parties, the pleasure of hosting exchange students and other visitors, and the endearing memories that being in Rotary make possible. We are grateful to Wilbur Walrond for creating the blue book, “Our first 26 years of service”; we drew on its contents often. While we enjoy the past, we continue to build strong memories of Rotary in the days to come.
The following people contributed many hours of effort towards the completion of this book. Becky Tsukishima scoured the archives for stories and photographs. Nancy and Tony Yurkovich dug up pictures, stories and ideas, along with helpers Shirley Grendus and Helge and Joan Nielsen. We were lucky to have many photographers over the years including Wilbur, Otto, Albert, Chris and Becky. Thank you to Suzanne Haines and Nancy Yurkovich for their organizational skills and for editing, rewriting, refining and keeping the book project interesting. Barbara Duggan is owed thanks for her enthusiasm, and for identifying and picking up the loose ends on this project. Thank you also to Chris Browne for bringing the local media into the picture, and making arrangements for an online version of the book on our club’s website.
Thanks to Thomas Parkes, our commemorative book’s graphic designer, and to Magenta Printing for the professional print job. Thank you to the advertisers and sponsors and most importantly, Keith Tsukishima, without whom this book would not have been possible. And to the friends of Rotary who have generously supported the Rotary Club of Richmond projects for 50 years, we thank you.