Rotary Club of Richmond presented a cheque to Rotary Hospice for $10,000 and a certificate of appreciation to the Vancouver Airport Authority for their continued support to the Rotary Hospice.
"When our club found a cause that we believed in, we supported it in every way that we could - a number of our members have given their time, talent, energy and even money, for which Rotarians are proud, and Richmond community grateful.  Contributions by organizations such as YVR allowed the Rotary Club of Richmond, working together with the Salvation Army, to complete this fine facility - The Rotary / Salvation Army Hospice House." - President Peter Raju
Since the opening of the hospice house, here in Richmond, over 165 patients have been cared for during their final days.  The average length of stay was 37 days, and the average age of the patients was 72 years.  Families of patients that have used the facilities have been extremely appreciative of our joint project with the Salvation Army.