The Rotary Club of Richmond in partnership with the Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan purchased a Cardiac Ambulance for use in the city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India. There is a serious shortage of ambulances in Kolkata fitted with the required modern medical equipment to deal with heart attacks and other heart diseases. This is important because getting someone with a heart attack to a hospital quickly and with the proper care may save a life or prevent serious disability. This is the third ambulance purchased in a network of ambulances being created by the Kolkata club. They hope to substantially reduce the fatalities and disabilities caused by heart attacks in their city.

The total cost of the ambulance was over $38,000. The Richmond club contributed $5,889, District 5040 contributed $5,863, District 3291 in India contributed $8,795 and The Rotary Foundation contributed CAD $17,603. Thus, a small club like Richmond with a limited budget of $6,000 was able to be instrumental in funding an ambulance that had a cost of more than $38,000! This is only possible through the wonderful system of matching grants we have in Rotary, so let's keep supporting our Rotary foundation!