The Rotary Club of Richmond engaged in a joint project with the Rotary Club of St. George’s Grenada to send relief supplies following the devastation by Hurricane Ivan.
The first shipment was sent through ‘normal channels’ organized by non Rotary organizations with a cost of approximately $7,000. The second shipment was made possible through the partnership of our club, the British Columbia Organization of Caribbean Cultural Associations, the Barbados Cultural Association of BC and the St Vincent & Grenadines Association of Greater Vancouver. Rotary World Help Network was responsible for the shipment and the total cost to ship the container was $2,500. The contents were distributed to the General Hospital, children’s homes, Child Welfare Authority and other individuals in need.
March 25, 2005, the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Association of Greater Vancouver donated $7,400. Under Rotary’s Matching Grant program, these funds were designated to the young people of Grenada for education. The Barbados Cultural Association of B.C. also donated $1,000 to our club towards this project.