Wellness Product (You Need Massage Chair), joined the Rotary Club of Richmond Oct 8, 2015. Club President 2020-2021
"In Taiwan, if you are a Rotarian, you must be wealthy, or are a person of esteemed position. It was my dream to become a Rotarian. Today my dream has come true. Thank you".

Association & Community Involvement

  • 2016-17 Chair of  the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in BC (TCCBC)
  • 2015-16 Vice-Chair of TCCBC
  • 2002 & 2015 Recipient of Business Excellence Award
  •  1997 Honor Citizen Award of Taipei City and Volunteer Award
  • Active members of Lions Club in Taiwan and held secretary position.
James often gives business talk to local entrepreneurs and shared his experience He believes in business ethnics and product services. He has passed his business to his children, so he can commit his time to giving back to the community.


James graduated in Taipei Institute of Technology with a major in Electrical Engineering.

Road of Success from Taiwan to Canada 

From 1982 to 1997 he owned an electronics and appliance store in Taipei and made his first bucket of gold. James thought it is time to emigrate to another country. The family picked Canada after seeing a scenic video and was attracted by the beautiful sceneries. They immigrated to Canada in 1997.
His first job was commission salesman at A & B sound with no base salary, it was difficult but he stuck to his Taiwanese roots, and strived to succeed in new environment. On Boxing Day, he sold 20 TV's, 30 VCR's and 10 stereo systems. That month, he made $7000 in commission. Albeit a short 8 months, the real-world Canadian work experience shaped who he is today, and contributed to his success.
He then started his own business selling Karaoke systems and later included Bell satellites and Taiwanese television satellites, the latest technology at the time. In his first week as a Bell dealer, the Vancouver black box network was shut down, he sold over 1000 units in 2 months, his first Canadian bucket of gold was made. 
One day, a senior customer asked him to source a massaging pad for him, as it was the latest sensation in Asia. From then on, his business focused on highly advanced therapeutic massage chairs. After 16 years, they are now the largest massage chair chain in the North American market, with 4 stores in the lower mainland and 3 stores in Los Angeles.    


James is married with 4 children, 1 eldest son and 3 beautiful daughters, he is proud grandfather of 3 grandson.