Counselling Services, Joined the Rotary Club of Richmond in Nov 1, 2023


  • Dedicated Applied Behavioral Interventionist with a proven track record of transforming lives through compassionate care and evidence-based strategies.
  • Currently employed as a Child and Youth Services Programmer, Special Services Integration Worker, and Educational Assistant while pursuing a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology. 


  • MA in Counselling Psychology student aspiring to become a registered Counsellor in BC.
  • Holds a Bachelor's in Psychology with a specialization in Human Development and Counselling from Simon Fraser University.
  • Beyond degrees, Lilian earned certifications, from mastering Chronic Pain Self-management to Women in Leadership, the Settlement Practitioner certificate, valid first aid, HIGH FIVE, and a range of online certifications. Each certification is a badge of honor in her dynamic and exciting journey for knowledge. As she delves into the intricate realms of Counselling Psychology, she is not just building a career; she is crafting a narrative that seamlessly blends academic prowess with real-world impact. 

Community Involvement

  • Over the past five years, Lilian dedicated her time to voluntary service with three BC settlement agencies and effective involvement with Vancouver Coastal Health. These diverse roles have all been centered around fostering inclusion and support within the community.
  • In her professional journey, she has embraced various roles, including that of a Behavioral Interventionist, closely working with children on the autism spectrum.
  • She has also served as a Supervisor and Event Coordinator at a Children's Birthday and Entertainment venue, where the focus is on creating magic and joy for little hearts. 


Beyond academia, Lilian devoted over five years to supporting newcomers and refugees within the community. Her personal experience as a Syrian war refugee in 2016 serves as a powerful catalyst, fueling her commitment to positive change, personal growth, and heightened community awareness through unconditional support, education, and multicultural perspectives.

Moving forward, Lilian aspires to contribute to positive change through ongoing professional growth, powerful personal and multicultural perspective, education and professional development, and a continued dedication to giving back to the community.