Posted on Jun 18, 2018
Joint Directors Meeting was held at the Continental Seafood Restaurant last Thursday. Instead of calling it a Directors Meeting, you might as well call it a Fireside Meeting, there were discussion of future projects, Suna is so excited after her experience after attending the RLI and the District Conference, we ended up having a round table of why we join Rotary and why we stay.
A little Rotary history...Ever since the Rotary Club of St. Johns, NFLD, Canada held its first Fireside Meeting in the late 20's, to promote fellowship and provide opportunity for discussion of Rotary matters in a relaxing atmosphere, this type of informal Rotary discussion group has become more and more popular among Rotary Clubs around the world.  
We also tested the menu of July 6 Annual President Dinner...Peking Duck, Lettuce wrap, prawns, crispy chicken, fish, vegetables .... They were so tasty you have to come! Register now for the event (here), bring your family and friends for the celebration.