Our Vision 2020 District Conference (cancelled due to pandemic) had a target of collecting 2020 pairs of used eyeglasses to developing country, we actually reached an astounding 5,294 pairs, thanks to the efforts of all 50 Rotary clubs and Rotaract clubs.
The Third World Eye Care Society (TWECS) warehouse in Burnaby now has the entire collection. There the eyeglasses are sorted for reading or distance focus. Next, a local prison, with equipment loaned by TWECS, determines the magnification strength of each pair, labels and packages it for return to TWECS. 
The society is founded by Rotarian & Optometrist Dr. Marina Roma-March, she will be taking the collected eyeglasses on her team’s next mission to a developing country, where, because of poverty or lack of availability of eye care services, individuals are unable to obtain eyeglasses and primary eye care.
Over 25 years TWECS has led missions to countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Malawi, Nepal and the Philippines.
L to R: District Conference Chair Tom Smith, Dr. Marina Roma-May & District Governor 2019-20 Bala Naidoo in front of collection boxes which resulted in 5,294 used eyeglasses from 50 Rotary clubs and their communities of BC
A Third World Eye Care Society mission completed vision screening of the 500 students at an elementary school of Tacloban, in the Philippines, in January 2014, two months after the country’s deadliest typhoon had killed over 8,000 people, including eight teachers at the school.