At the Nov 20, 2013 luncheon, our Club Foundation Chair Keith Tsukishima push to his limit. He did 70 push ups in 90 seconds, and raised $7,000 for Polio Eradication and Rotary Foundation.

Thanks to all those who could and who did show up at Nov  20 luncheon to show some encouragement for my quest to beat 60 push-ups. With the extra adrenaline and in front of friends, I surpassed what had been my best ever up to then. Thanks for your cheques and your pledges, which total to a little over $7,000. Half will go to Rotary Foundation - SHARE and half will go to End Polio Now....which will be matched two for one by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation." - Keith Tsukishima

At the December 18 luncheon, President Ken Dennis did his push up challenge. He needed a rest after 25 continuous push up, since there are plenty of time left of the 90 seconds, Keith and other members were cheering on and called out one more, one more, Ken push harder and harder, 35 in total and raised more than $800 for Polio and the Rotary Foundation.