Before making it into the current Lulu Islander in "E-Bulletin" format, it is interesting to note that our previous newsletter underwent several months of turmoil before settling in as Lulu Islander:
  • April 23, 1962 The Richrotar (The 1st bulletin)
  • May 14, 1962 The Lulutarian
  • May 21, 1962 The Rotarlul
  • May 28, 1962 The Sealulu
  • June 2, 1962 The Luluspoke
  • June 11,1962 The Pro Tem
  • June 28, 1962 TheYrator
  • Sep 19,1962 The Richmond Bull
  • 1970 to May 2006 The Lulu Islander
Lulu Island, upon Richmond is situated, nestles in the arms of the Fraser river. In 1861, the then Lt. Governor, Colonel Richard Clement Moody, named the seagirt expanse after one Lulu Sweet. Lulu was an English actress visiting the colonies with the first theatrical troupe to play here. As the Chief Commissioner of Land and Works, and a person prone to exploit his position, the Colonel felt free to stamp her name for posterity. Not to be outdone, our Club felt free to borrow the name and name our news letter.

The Lulu Islander 

What about the origin of the name Richmond? ... this was much more prosaic. In the same year 1861, Hugh McRoberts emigrated from Australia and established Richmond Farm, a name chosen by one of his daughters in remembrance of a favorite place in Australia.


District Best Bulletin Award

Our club was recognized as "Best Bulletin in the District" from 2001 to 2006 until we switched to e-format in 2007. Thanks to all the hard work from Past President Wilbur Walrond, past Newsletter Editor Marilyn Powell and Newsletter Editor Becky Tsukishima.