(President Ken Whitney and wife Linda Whitney)


It is with great pride, I Congratulate you all for a job well done. You have seen my vision for our 50th Anniversary Gala, and through the leadership of our chair Ken Dennis, and Committee Members, you have, thru many long hours of Meetings and discussions, you have should your support and your confidence in my leadership to carry out my Vision as your President.
The Great Success we are experiencing today could not have been possible without you. Once again thank you to our talented Keith for not only being an awesome Master of Ceremonies, but to thank him and his team for compiling a very impressive Book of our History.
Thank you to Suzanne Haines, as our Stage Manager, great job. Thank you to P.P Mahase for taking care of our book sales, thanks PE Barbara for so graciously greeting our guests. Thank you to Linda and Pat for the lovely flower arrangements. Thank you to Chris and Joan for a successful Silent Auction.
Thank for your support, Thank you for your confidence, Thank you for Great Gala
VISION Without ACTION is only a Dream, ACTION Without VISION is only passing Time. VISION with ACTION Can CHANGE THE WORLD.
Ken Whitney,
Club President 2011-2012