Posted on Nov 02, 2017
In any given year, through Rotary, there are 8,000 full year student exchanges.  As Antonio summed up whilst thanking our speaker Sue Godey, each student is an ambassador for peace.  Student exchange is a life changing experience, more than worth the year a student may have to give up in high school.  What they receive, are lifelong friendships and world understanding.  Sue Godey has been District 5040 Student Exchange Chair for nearly 3 years.  She and her husband Jim, have hosted students and continue to do so as empty nesters.  She suggests that incoming students enjoy homes with families as much as homes with couples and even single parents.  The Rotary Club of Richmond has not had any student exchange students for about 25 years, and Sue hopes that we are willing to enjoy the great feelings of sharing our lives with incoming exchange students.